If you are interested Print and Digital E News Advertising, you’ll can save time, energy, and money finding out who’s doing what, where, and how much with these reports.  

You’ll be able to see…

  • What your prospects and direct competitors are doing?

  • What their ads look like?

  • What angle are their copy points targeting?

  • Which ads ran where and how many times?

  • What is the magazine or online ad strategy of your most important clients, prospective clients and their competitors?

We put hands and eyes on over 100’s magazines and E Newsletters every month. We identify the who, where, what, and how much for every advertiser in excellent detail for your competitive analysis and strategic planning.  

Your reports can include ad details and ad images of a particular advertiser, a specific advertising category or multiple categories, and big picture statistics of your entire magazine market.

You see, PAR was founded by Wallace Patterson in 1979, a well known magazine publisher in the Foodservice Market. At the time it seemed many publishers had to create their own competitive tracking reports: and there was great ambiguity in the information being put into the market.

There needed to be an independent firm responsible for providing fast, accurate and objective data that people could count on to take action in more effective ways.

The information you get comes in several easy to use formats including a proprietary web based platform that allows you to prepare your own specialized reports for research and presentations.

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