13 Foodservice Magazines Get Cash Register Advertising

Why Are Cash Register Advertisers Like ATM’s For Foodservice Media? 

Because they spit out the “dough” in the Foodservice Media to advertise to their restaurant operator customers.

Here’s what I mean. In the first 3 quarters of 2012 these advertisers placed over 150 pages of advertising in 13 Foodservice magazines. That’s 41 companies competing for share of voice and sales in this industry. That’s a pretty competitive niche.

One thing we like to do is track share of voice among advertisers in a specific product category or niche. In the share of voice battle in Cash Systems the biggest advertisers include P D Q Systems, Micros Systems and, National Cash Register.

PDQ Systems showed 23 pages of magazine ads so far in 2012.

Here is the total product category and share of voice for these advertisers in magazine ads for the first 3 quarters in 2012.

Cash Register Advertisers in Foodservice Magazines 2012

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The bulk of the print advertising goes into QSR, Pizza Today, and PMQ Pizza magazine, which begs the question – what about online/digital advertising?

In 2012, PAR tracked over 80 plus Foodservice digital media properties.  In the product category, Cash Systems/POS/ATM’s, we observed 302 ads.

61% of these ads showed up on E-newsletters and the rest were found on foodservice websites. The cast of advertisers is a little different for digital media than in print.

Micros Systems shows up at the top in advertising observations in Digital Media, followed by Speedline Solutions (#10 in prints ads), Panasonic (#6 in print), Verifone (no print ads in FS magazines), and Signature Systems (no print ads in FS magazines).

Here is the entire list of online advertisers ranked by total ad observations through 3rd quarter 2012 in the digital media we track.

Cash Registers and POS Systems For Restaurant industry Advertise Online

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We are just scratching the surface of competitive ad tracking in this market with attention to the contrasts between Print and Digital media platforms.

With more activity appearing in digital platforms combined with media companies moving fast to accommodate the shift in the way people get news and product information today, we see interesting data points comparing advertisers and publisher strategies in the Print vs. Digital battlegrounds that now dominate the current media environment.

To follow the money we began tracking online ads in foodservice media in 2011, and have been making the information available to several of our clients. The information we used here is in a new report we put together called the Foodservice 3 Media Ad Tracking Report.

There is information in a few categories available now and year end information is coming out later January 2013.

Tell us what you think. Why is online advertising important to your 2013 marketing plan?

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