Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Up 174% In Ad Pages?

The Ad Pages in the Foodservice Industry have grown 14 % in the First Quarter of 2105.

Restaurant Business is up, Foodservice Equipment Reports, Catersource are a couple of the others that are up but, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies has blown the roof off the building!

Maybe FE&S just got lucky?

Maybe it’s because they got innovative and landed a huge custom publishing gig?

Maybe its because of new innovations and technology in the restaurant industry which is forcing new investments in marketing?

Maybe it’s that advertisers know about the sharp pencils of operators.  

Operators who want to invest in and take advantage of this new technology to keep costs down.

So the operators look for better ways to serve their finicky consumers, and the manufactures advertise a little more now to help them find the answers?Competitive Ad Tracking Services

Maybe it’s a combination of these things.

But what the overall facts say is that FE&S has 174 more ad pages in the first 3 months of 2015 than they did in 2014. That’s big.

OK, 84 Pages were from the 3rd issue of ALIWORLD, and 18 were found in the new Quarter Product Knowledge Guide they published in February.

This shows growth for both magazine advertising and the Foodservice Market as a whole.

Because the total ad page increase in this market was over 317 pages. That is a 14% increase in ad pages over 2014.

This data is part of the information revealed by the 1st Quarter Competitive Linage Report. A report that shows the total ad pages, increases, decreases, and market share in 37 Foodservice magazines.

Now the FE&S numbers are huge so let’s look at some other publications to get a feel for other movers this year.

One such mover is Restaurant Business, they’ve grown add pages about 37%, up 43.46 ad pages.

Another equipment magazine, Foodservice Equipment Reports, is up almost 80%, adding 57.63 ad pages in the first 3 months.

Just take a quick look at this graph of the Magazines, by percentage increase in ad pages, with more than a 30% increase in ad pages this year.

Foodservice Magazines that have ad page increases more that 30% in 2015

The list of magazines is a bit different when looked at by increase in ad pages only

Magazine Advertising is up in foodservice industry

And now take a look at the entire magazine group ranked by total ad pages for the 1st Quarter 2015.

Foodservice Advertising Statistics- Magazine Ads 2015

So all this information popped out from the 1st Quarter 2015 Competitive Linage Report we send to many of our clients.

And the report is even more revealing when you see the changes in leadership at the top.

Last year Pizza Today had the most ad pages in this group and NRN was 2nd.

This year Foodservice Equipment & Supply vaulted themselves to the top. Pizza Today moved to 2nd and Restaurant Business jumped up in front of NRN, pushing NRN to number 4.

And there are shifts and turbulence like this all over the group. It makes you wonder what other changes are taking place that may affect your job.

So this simple report serves up some tasty stats like this all day long. It keeps our clients informed. It can keep you informed too, if you want to keep a finger on the pulse of the ad spending in the print media in foodservice.

Find out how to get a copy of this report for yourself, just click here and get more information.

You’ll see that the report shows you month to month and year to date ad page totals for these 37 magazines in this market.

It also reveals the changes in total ad pages, the percent of change, as well as the total market share for each magazine.

Its a pretty powerful one page report that you can get access to right now!

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