2016 Advertising: Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Like performance in many other industries in 2016…

Foodservice print advertising was up.  Barely. 

So it begs the question:  “Is The Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?”

You see, among the 19 publications we sampled for this report, 2 Publications saw significant double digit growth, FSR and Foodservice Director, and 4 showed double digit declines.  

Yet overall advertising was up.  Even if just 65 pages in this group.

That’s pretty good considering changes in the advertising landscape, the elections, and other tumultuous happenings in the world this past year.  Or maybe not so good if you’re looking for signs of stronger growth last year.  

Among top advertisers 7 returned from last year including Tyson with a whopping 241 ad pages in 2016.  

Three advertisers dropped off the top ten list and the 3 jumped back up this year: Red Gold, Lactalis, and Alto Shaam.    Take a look for yourself…


In addition to the print advertising statistics, here’s a look at some significant activity in E newsletter advertising in the foodservice industry in 2016. 

We selected 60 E newsletters for this report and found Kraft (257 insertions) on top among advertisers. 

The Top 10 advertisers in this report includes some of the same names as in the print advertising, names like Kraft, Tyson, Alto Shaam, and Lamb- Weston. 

The major product groups in E newsletter advertising are Foods Multiline, Services, Cooking Equipment, Fruits & Vegetables, and Serving Equipment.   That’s fairly consistent with the print advertising. 

I hope you enjoy this free sampling of our 2016 year end reports

If you have any questions, or would like additional detail for your own analysis and reporting on year end give me a call, Kari Mitchell 847-531-6555 Ext 114.

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