3 New Advertisers Showing Change and Innovations In Foodservice.

“Nothing Remains The Same…..”

Here is a look at 3 new ads touting products that made us revise our product categories, again.

Plant Based Proteins, Apple Butter Fusions, and Pasteurized Shell Eggs.  

The saying used to be “If It Looks Like Duck….”

Well, these days it could actually be a plant.

With a rise in interest in Plant Based Proteins we’ve seen more and more ads in this new category.

Here is a new one that we haven’t seen in our database before now. 

Kerry Foodservice’s Plantfare, Plant Base Protein,


The ads touts the trend that “72% of millennials are trying to eat more plant-based foods”.

So this trend (and advertising category) is probably going to keep growing far into the future.

We also saw a new ad for Musselman’s Apple Butter Fusions. 

Knouse Foods is taking the Apple Butter product to the next level and has launched a whole line of Musselman’s Apple Butter “Fusions”, 7 in all. 

Foodservice Industry Advertising Knouse Foods

And another new innovation is highlighted by the US Foods’ ad about Glenview Farms and their “Pasteurized Shell Eggs”

This is a product that claims to protect diners against Undercooked Eggs.

US Foods and Glenview Farms advertise a new innovation in foodservice. A Pasteurized Eggshell Product

New ads and new products are always popping up in our database. 

And our database is filled with all the facts about Print and E-Newsletter advertising.

If you would stay up to date, or would like a more detailed report about these and other new products, get in touch now. 


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