The Restaurant Foodservice Magazine Advertising is up 5.7% in the 1st six months of 2015, a total of 5,317 ad pages.


That is up 285 pages from the same period last year.

This advertising trend seems to reflect the overall growth trends in the Restaurant Industry.  The National Restaurant Association claims a 20.1 percent industry wide sales growth from 2010 to 2015.

So if a 285 ad page increase shows up in 49 Restaurant related magazine titles, than who should be surprised?  This is good news.

The top magazines so far this year included Foodservice Equipment and Supplies, Nation’s Restaurant News, Pizza Today, QSR, and Restaurant Business. 

Foodservice Equipment and Supplies has published a few special editions which helped them edge out NRN for the top spot in the first half of this year.

Restaurant Business had a nice 17% increase in advertising pages that kept them in the top 5 through the first 6 months.

Among Top Line Advertising Categories, the Equipment and Services category just edges out Food and Beverages for the biggest share of ad pages.


Restaurant Foodservice Advertising Statistics

But not by much, because when you break it down into more detail you can see that although the companies advertising Management Aids & Services and Cooking Equipment are on top right now, they are immediately followed by Meat/Mexican/Prepared Foods and Food Items General.

Advertising Statistics b2b Foodservice

The Chart above illustrates the market share and competitiveness between all of the other major product categories through the entire market.

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The report itself includes details about the total ad pages for every magazine, this year and last year, including market share, and the percent changes from year to year.

You also get the Top 50 Advertising Report, The Major Product Group Summary Report– showing details of advertising activity within each major product group, and The Advertiser Share Of Market Report that reveals critical details of every advertiser in the market, how much they have advertised, and where their ads appeared.

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So, who are the Top Advertisers this year?

Here is a look at the TOP 5 Advertisers in Restaurant FS in the first half 2015.

Top Advertisers 2015 1st half Restaurant

The National Restaurant Association jumped to the top, and Rubbermaid is making a big push this year.  Simplot and Stanislaus have always been in the top groups and TW Garner is pouring on some of their advertising heat this year jumping in to the top 5.

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