9,084 Reasons To Track B2B E-Newsletter Advertising

 Updated and Revised Oct 5th 1:49 PM CST:

PAR Is Now Tracking 79 Restaurant Industry related B2B E-Newsletters, not including the Grocery and C- Store markets.

This means we have added several E-Newsletters since our E-Newsletter 1st Half Update in July.

Now with the addition of more Restaurant Foodservice B2B E-Newsletters we have counted 9,084 ads through August 2015.

From a publication standpoint the Smart Brief E- Newsletters are getting much of the action in total ad units counted by PAR.

Here is a quick update on the Top 10 E-Newsletters by ad units:

B2B E Newsletter Advertising 2015

Just so you know I am giving you access below to a free report which includes the advertising unit counts in all 79 E-Newsletters in the Restaurant group, and a Top 50 Advertiser Report through August 2015.

Some of the companies you see in the top advertiser report include advertisers you might expect to see like, American Express, Food Institute, Unilever Food Solutions, Kraft, and McCain.

Here is a quick look at the Top 10.

b2b E newsletter Top AdvertisersSo why all the attention to B2B E-Newsletters?

According to Content Marketing Institute, 83% of B2B marketers use E-Newsletters in their marketing strategies with the top 3 goals of Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, and Engagement with their target audience.

So from a competitive standpoint it is very important to track the action closely in E-Newsletters.

And for that reason you are invited to take a look at the list of E-Newsletters, total ad units counted, and the top 50 advertisers, as we see it, through August 2015.

Grab a copy of this Free Restaurant B2B E-Newsletter Advertising Report right here.

The 3rd Quarter Statistics will be complete around the 15th of October.

If you are already a subscriber, look for your reports around the middle of this month.

If you are not yet a subscriber of the E-Newsletters Ad Tracking reports feel free to send me a note or call and I can brief you on report options that are available.

Be sure to share this information with your team.

Kari Mitchell.

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