Alto-Shaam Dominates Oven Advertising In Foodservice

Commercial Oven Manufacturers Put Out A Hot 147 Ad Pages In Foodservice Magazines Through 3 Quarters In 2012….

They Put Out Even More Heat With 251 Digital Ads.

The Number 1 Advertiser In the Ovens Product Category is Alto-Sham with 45.83 magazine ad pages and we found Alto-Shaam in 124 digital ads.

The next biggest advertiser in print was Middleby, who’s other recent activity included buying the residential oven giant Viking Ovens. Even coming in at number 2 though Middleby showed only 19.5 print ads to Alto-Shaam’s 45.83 ad pages. Alto-Shaam is clearly a dominant advertiser in the Foodservice Industry in this product category.

We cooked up the details for you right here…

Share of Voice and Total Ad Pages for the product category: Ovens: Baking & Roasting 

As you can see Alto-Shaam, Middleby, and Bofi clearly had the dominate Share Of Voice in magazine advertising for the product category. Even competing against some 32 other oven manufacturers selling to the Foodservice Market.

…Or should we say the Pizza Restaurant market.

Because the full report also breaks down the advertising for each publication, we saw that  the two publications who received the most ads in this product category were PMQ Pizza Magazine and Pizza Today, getting about 55 ad pages between them.  

Then almost 25 ad pages went to Foodservice Equipment Reports and Foodservice Equipment & Supplies. And that was where the bulk of  this advertising went.

After that  was Foodservice & Hospitality with only 8.42 Ad pages from the Oven advertisers. The rest of what was seen was spread out among 17 other foodservice magazines.

The advertising was focused in this product category. Was it the same in the Digital Space?

We found 251 digital ads in the Foodservice digital media we track. 112 of the ads we found on E-Newsletters and 139 were found on Foodservice Websites.

By Digital Media properties, we saw the most ads from these advertisers in  Then SNA Smart Brief was the next.  Again, Alto-Shaam was the commanding advertiser with 124 ad observations in the report.  The next being WoodStone Corp and a close third is Marsal & Son’s.

Here’s what the report shows…

MF&B Restaurant Systems rounded the 4th spot with 5 companies tieing in 5th with 9 observations apiece. This group included Manitowoc Foodservice, Turbo Chef, XLT Ovens, Roto-Flex, and Middleby.

Alto Shaam was almost half of all the Digital Advertising we saw through the first 3 Quarters.

Since digital media has started heating up we began to track online ads to give our clients an idea of who is doing what, where and how much.  Several of our clients already subscribe and receive monthly and quarterly updates in their competitive categories.  

For instance, the data in this blog came from one of our new reports, The Foodservice 3 Media Ad Tracking Report.   It’s a very detailed breakdown of advertising among individual competitive groups such as Oven Manufactures. 

There is more information in a few other categories available now and year end information is coming out later January 2013.  

Click Here if you’d like to see more details.

Tell us what you think. Why is Digital Advertising important to your 2013 marketing plan?

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