Are Seafood Advertisers Over Fished In Foodservice Magazines?

That is what this graphic of total advertising pages in the seafood product category could lead you to believe.


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From this image you’d think the Seafood Companies have swam off the edge of the continental shelf.

So let’s look at this.

First of all, Seafood Business, the main magazine in serving the Seafood and Foodservice Industry, was digitized and absorbed into the online version  They stopped publishing the magazine in June of 2014.

So this graph shows 232 ad pages for Seafood Business in 2013, and then only 121 ad pages in 2014.

That covers 111 pages of print advertising that would no longer exist for 2014.

Then, the numbers may be even more skewed after the $30 million British Petroleum provided to the Louisiana Seafood Marketing Board ran out.

The Louisiana Seafood Marketing Board placed 87 and 78 ad pages in 2012 & 2013.

Louisiana Seafood Marketing Board

These ads appeared in 7 of the 35 foodservice publications we sourced from our data base for this analysis.

In 2014, they placed ZERO ad pages.

So now we can account for 189 of the “lost ad pages” from 2013.

Specifically, PAR shows 477 advertising pages in 2013 within the Seafood product category among 35 foodservice industry magazines.  And we only show 283 ad pages in 2014.  A difference of 194 ad pages.  (For the full report contact us here)

Therefore, it may appear the Seafood Product Category is actually alive and well.

In fact, you are probably aware of some of these trends; Food Business News reports that Millennials are looking to restaurants to provide leaner healthier proteins, meaning more fish.  And NRN’s report tells us that 3 of the top 5 trends in proteins point to a growth in demand for Seafood.

So how many seafood companies do we see competing for their share of voice in print advertising within the Foodservice Industry?

In 2014 there were 64 active advertisers with a total of 282.71 ad pages.

13 of these advertisers accounted for 196 ad pages.  That is 70% of the total in this product category.

Alaska Seafood Marketing

The biggest advertiser of course is the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

This group actually increased ad pages in 2014.  Food Management is a big beneficiary, receiving 9 pages, while  Foodservice Director did not show up on the 2014 media plan.

Here is the result of their media plans over the last 5 years.

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Another big fish, Clear Spring Foods, lightened its print schedule by 13 pages in 2014.  They put 7 of the foodservice magazines we track on their media plan, counting Seafood Business.Clear Spring Foods





Media Planning Research for Magazine Advertisers

And then there is the big mover and shaker of the last few years, High Liner Foods.High Liner Foods Advertising

While they have been busy acquiring seafood companies, now owning at least 7 brands serving the foodservice industry, they are now appearing as the 3rd largest advertiser in the seafood product category.



High Liner Foods media planning

As you can see we show them down about 5 pages, but certainly this is a company on the move.

There are changes taking place all over the foodservice industry.  If you are involved in the seafood product category, or any other foodservice advertising, you can get even more details by contacting us here.

Of course General inquiries are welcome as well.

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