The Dough Is Rising In Bakery Products

Total Advertising Pages in the Bakery Products Advertising Category is Up 17% from 2011 to 2014.

That is an increase of 96.75 ad pages among the 53 magazines we included in this report.

Foodservice Advertising Statistics and Trends PAR

But this advertising growth is not found across the board.  Patterson Advertising Reports breaks out the Bakery Products advertising into 12 more detailed product categories.

And, as always, the devil is in the details.

Our competitive ad tracking system reveals that in these 12 more detailed categories the advertising is down in 9 and up in only 3.  In fact most of the increase is found in the Cakes, Pies, and Desserts product category, which shows 69 pages in 2011 and now 192 pages in 2014.

Patterson Advertising Reports Tracks Foodservice advertising

Frozen Bakery Products has also increased about 25 pages over the 2011 level as Cookies, Crackers and Cones is up 34 ad pages.

So which advertisers are baking in all this new advertising sugar into these 53 magazines?

Well, in 2011 Sara Lee didn’t have any advertising in the C- Store, Grocery, Bakery, or Foodservice magazines we included for this report.

Then we show 12.66 ad pages in 2012, 22 ad pages in 2013, and they really bake up the pages in 2014 with 48.

Share of Voice Statistics for Cakes, Pies, and Desserts

So with this increase Sara Lee Foodservice has captured a dominant, 25%, Share of Voice in the Cakes, Pies, and Desserts product category.

This positioning is consistent with the growth Tyson Foods strives for in the categories in which they compete.

The advertising in this oven will continue to heat up in 2015 as Tyson moves forward with their growth plans after the acquisition of Sara Lee Foodservice under the Hillshire Brands Company last year.

And which magazines in this field are enjoying the sweet taste of all the new ad pages in this product category?

Here is a snap shot of the Magazines with 10 or More Ad Pages from Advertisers of Bakery Products in 2014.

Foodservice publishers and share of media buys for bakery products

It’s quite a mix with Bake Magazine, Instore, Grocery Headquarters, and Nation’s Restaurant News rounding out the top 4 publications enjoying these doughnuts.

And why not enjoy some of these baked goods yourself.

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Bakery Advertising Report

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