Barilla Is Still The Gorilla In Ad Pages

Barilla still dominates the Share of Voice in the Grains Product Category of Foodservice Print Advertising in 2014.

Barilla Foodservice Advertising

So, who wants 2nd place in 2015?

In 2013 Conagra Mills (now tracked as Ardent Mills) was in a tie for 2nd with Dakota Growers.

That changed in 2014 as the formerly 5th place Bay State Milling jumped right into that 2nd place tie with Dakota Growers.  All Bay State Milling did was hold the same budget, the same 10 ad pages, as their 2013 advertising.

Below is the pie chart depicting the share of voice battle in this market.

Competitive Ad Tracking Services

We can see that Barilla owns the category, a 44% Share of Voice in the Grains product category among 21 active advertisers.

Then the competition heats up; look how tightly the next 9 advertisers are competing for their own place in this category.

In 2014, Bay State and Dakota each had 8% Share of Voice. Mars Foodservice, who’s 2013 advertising only showed 4 pages in this product category, has a 7% share of voice, with 9 ad pages in 2014.

Among the Top 10 Advertisers in Grains in 2014, there are 2 who did not have ads in 2013. They are Bobs Red Mill and Amira Nature Foods.

So where do these ads appear?

There is a total of 132 ad pages from 21 active advertisers in the Grains category: pasta, rice, and flour.

Their ads appeared in 21 of the 24 magazines in the foodservice market that Patterson Advertising Reports tracks.

Barilla, being the gorilla in this category, spread it’s almost 58 ad pages into 10 magazines. The biggest portion went into Foodservice Director, more than 20 pages.

Dakota Mills used 3 magazines and Bay State used 2 magazines in their 2014 media plan.

Here is a chart that will give you a taste of all the advertising among each magazine in this product category.

Foodservice Market Advertising Statistics

(We can break out the Grains product category into further detail for you. For instance, we provide reports showing advertisers of Flour, Gluten Free Flour, Pasta, Gluten Free Pasta, Pizza Flour, Rice and even more. We do this so that you can get very specific information to help you gain a better perspective about your competitive landscape.)

The graph also shows that 4 magazines in this group received over half of all the advertising in this product category. These magazines are Foodservice Director, PMQ Pizza, School Nutrition, and Pizza Today.

So what does 2015 look like so far?

Well, Barilla is already out ahead with 8 pages through March 2015. Ardent Mills (formerly Conagra) is back in the picture with 5 pages, and Bay State Milling with 4 ad pages through March.

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