What Does Magazine Advertising Have To Do With Board Meeting Decisions?

I was sitting in a big board meeting at a non-profit and several decisions had to be made to move the group forward.  What I really remember about this meeting was how the decisions were actually made.  It was very revealing.   Here is the scene, I’m in a group of about 30 people.  A topic would get tossed on the table for the group to “discuss”.   Several people would then give voice to their idea’s.  But, usually one person would start to control the conversation.  How?  This person would say something about each of the other peoples comments first, then […] Read more »

Marine Magazines Total Advertising Pages Through May 2012

Patterson Advertising Reports Show Competitive Advertising In Boating Magazine Market Is a 10% drop in magazine advertising pages really a 10% drop? With 3 Boating magazines out of publication in 2012, representing 63.3% of the 659.63 lost advertising pages, maybe the market isnt really all that bad. . If we dropped out Powerboat, Motorboating and Trailerboats from the mix here the market would only be off 242 advertising pages or just 4%. . Of the top magazines in the boating market Showboats International had 377 ad pages, only off 1 page form 2011 through 5 months this year. If we […] Read more »

3 Marine Advertising Categories That Grew…

Is The Boating Market Swamped?These Ad Categories Show Signs Of Growth. Print advertising page counts in the marine magazine market have been swamped by the economy over the last 5 years. However, we reviewed all the major product categories and their advertising activity and actually found a few that have increased their competitive advertising in the marine market. Take Marine Apparel advertising, it’s not a huge category in the 29 magazines that we track at Patterson Advertising Reports but, total ad pages are up 47%. Sperry Top-Siders advertised 33 pages in 2011, compared to 23 in 2007. Gill Douglas USA more than doubled their advertising […] Read more »

Is Garmin International Navigating In The Marine Market With Magazine Advertising Increases?

22 Marine Electronics Advertisers accounted for 526.54 ad pages in the 29 Consumer Marine Magazines we track and Garmin is on top again. In 2011 Garmin bought 130.33 ad pages in the Marine Market.  That’s more than they did last year, 107 pages, more than 2009, 108 pages, and more than 2007 when the had 123 ad pages in these magazines. That is more than 2 times the advertising pages of number two, RayMarine Inc.  RayMarine had 62.83 ad pages in 2011.  Down from the 143 ad pages they used to purchase back in 2007.  Yet that is only down […] Read more »

In Rough Sea’s Beneteau, Stingray Boats, and Jeanneau Show Increases In Magazine Advertising In The Marine Market.

In 2007 Beneteau had 57 ad pages among the 29 boating magazines we track. In 2011, they had 92 ad pages. Stingray Powerboats showed 38 ad pages in 2007 and 51 in 2011. And Jeanneau Boats went from 41 pages in 2007 to 51 in 2011. Obviously we are looking for some positive signs in the marine market. I’m not trying to ignore the obvious, in the BOATS category alone magazine ad pages are off 59.9% since the 2007 water mark of 6,478 ad pages. That is down to 2,596 ad pages in 2011.  This the result of a Five […] Read more »

Marine Magazine Titles are off 43.6% In Ad Pages Over 5 Years But, 1 Magazine Is Up!

The economy sunk advertising in marine magazines over the past five years but, Yachts International actually showed ad page growth. We can’t say the same for any of the other 28 magazines Patterson Advertising Reports tracks in the consumer marine magazine market. All have fallen off the pace since 2007 and 2008, all accept Yachts International. Yachts International is the anomaly. This magazine had 676 ad pages in 2007, they were up to 827 ad pages in 2008 then came down to 634 and 626 in 2009 and 2010. But in 2011 Yachts International had 690 ad pages in their […] Read more »

To Magazine Advertisers Who Want To Know Exactly Where Their Competition Is Advertising…And, Want The Information Fast…

The #1 Secret To... Competitive Media Planning In The Food Service Market" Watch This Video To Find Out How To Laser Target The Competition And Save Time And Money Read more »