Plant-based food advertisers are growing like weeds

Plant Based Foods

It’s no secret plant-based food offerings (and requests from customers) have “grown like weeds”. What does the advertising in the foodservice media look like?  Amazing!  Both in Foodservice magazines and E-newsletters.  Despite all the bad experiences from the pandemic the number of ad insertions by advertisers promoting plant-based foods, or meat substitute products, more than doubled. In 2019 we found 124 insertions in both the magazines and E-newsletters we tracked. In 2020 there were 251 ads.  That’ s 102% increase in this category. That’s pretty good in one of the most challenging times we’ve known.  Now it looks like we are […] Read more »

A New Advertiser Shows Up In The Top 20! 

When You Want To Grab The Attention Of Restaurant Operators, You Advertise In Foodservice Industry Media, Right?    This year’s Top 20 Foodservice Advertisers, for the 1st Half of 2019 including print and digital media, contain most of the usual players: Tyson, Garner, Middlebury, Ali Group, and Nestle to name a few.   But nestled in at number 18 is an up and comer, ShiftPixy.   ShiftPixy had 29 Print Ad Pages and 20 Digital Insertions.  A big 1st half media buy for a new company in any industry.   Where did the money go?   ShiftPixy is a company positioned as a solution […] Read more »

3 New Advertisers Showing Change and Innovations In Foodservice.

US Foods and Glenview Farms advertise a new innovation in foodservice. A Pasteurized Eggshell Product

“Nothing Remains The Same…..” Here is a look at 3 new ads touting products that made us revise our product categories, again. Plant Based Proteins, Apple Butter Fusions, and Pasteurized Shell Eggs.   The saying used to be “If It Looks Like Duck….” Well, these days it could actually be a plant. With a rise in interest in Plant Based Proteins we’ve seen more and more ads in this new category. Here is a new one that we haven’t seen in our database before now.  Kerry Foodservice’s Plantfare, Plant Base Protein, The ads touts the trend that “72% of millennials are […] Read more »

Advertising Stats Are Like Holiday Candy

Patterson Advertising Reports Foodservice Gifts

If Foodservice Advertising Stats are like Candy for you, you’ll like these… There are 959 active print advertisers with 5,354 ad pages through September of this year. That is an average of 5.58 pages of advertising per advertiser. There were 313 advertisers that did not have one single ad page last year. But this year they ran 717 ad pages.  Who are these guys? Well, 58 of these are brand new print advertisers for the foodservice market.  So, having a look at the print and digital advertising in the Foodservice market, as we provide it, opens up opportunities for you. […] Read more »

Sweet Baby Ray’s: Serving Up Some Saucy Ads

Sweet Baby Rays Foodservice advertising

Over the last 10 years the 7 Major Brands of Barbeque Sauce have put up 290 pages of print ads in the Foodservice Market.   Simple math says that’s about 29 ad pages per year among these brands.  But not everyone plays each year.  Between 2008 and 2016 no more than 3 brands placed ads in any given year.  Then, last year, 5 of the 7 placed print ads in the foodservice magazines.  The biggest print advertiser last year was Sweet Baby Ray’s with 15 ad pages. You see, over the 10 year period Cattlemen’s has owned the share of voice […] Read more »

Advertising In Print, Dead or Alive?

History of Print Advertising In Foodservice

Could you guess the change in total print ad pages in Foodservice Trade Magazines over the last 10 years? Is this up or down? Well, The Graph below has surprised more than a few people in the industry. Because, when we ran some reports in advance to the 100 year anniversary of the National Restaurant Association next year, (We have decades of print advertising data) we found that the number of ad pages has only declined slightly since 2009. After the crash of 2008, from 2008 to 2009 the total number of print advertising pages took a huge drop in […] Read more »

Impossible Foods Makes Its Move…

Impossible Foods Advertising

New Advertiser, Impossible Foods, has appeared in 6 Print ads and 3 digital ads already this year. After a $75 Million investor influx they’ve built their new plant (pun not intended) and are expected to produce about 1 million pounds of their ground beef substitute.  Here is a summary of what appears in Foodservice magazines and digital properties tracked by PAR Inc. Just as the battle for Foodservice customers, there is the Grocery Store battle going on with Beyond Meat as well An interesting part of Impossible Food’s strategy is not just targeting vegetarians, they target beef lovers with idea […] Read more »

New Advertiser, Old Brand!

Kingsford Competes in New Product Category

Or should we say, “How to Barbecue Without Lighting a Match!” Kingsford is in the food game.  Kingsford came out with BBQ Sauces and Dry Rubs early last year, a very competitive category, and now this…. Barbeque Made Simple.  This ad first appeared in our data base from the November 2017, Grocery Business, (Formerly Grocery Headquarters).   And this will be important to watch this year as the advertising rolls out.  Why?  As an old, powerful brand, Kingsford has a lot of Brand Firepower.  When joining forces with another old powerhouse, CBQ LLC, a Carl Budding & Co unit, to […] Read more »

Top 20 Foodservice Magazines, 2016 and 1st Quarter 2017

b2b print media foodservice ad page gainers 1st quarter 2017

The Top 20 magazines in the foodservice by total ad pages in 2016 include NRN, of course, then QSR, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, Restaurant Business, and Pizza Today. Overall the foodservice print advertising had a gain of just over 8% in 2016.  Here are the totals for the top 20 of the 37 magazines in foodservice industry tracked for this report.  For a different view look at the report below.  This report gives you a feel for the growth among those 37 magazines in foodservice.  You’ll see Foodservice Director up 82 pages, FSR up almost 70 ad pages, NRN gaining […] Read more »

How To Track The Competition With PAR

Here’s how to profile advertising in a foodservice product category with PAR Using a product profile report you can go from big picture statistics down to very specific information about the companies that compete within any product category. Below is a 2 year snap shot of the Cheese, Butter, Margarine product category in the Foodservice Market. The graph shows total ad pages, month by month, compared to the previous year.    This next picture shows you which e-newsletters get advertising from companies in this product category. And getting into more detail of an advertiser’s media plan and placements, we look […] Read more »