How To Track The Competition With PAR

Here’s how to profile advertising in a foodservice product category with PAR

Using a product profile report you can go from big picture statistics down to very specific information about the companies that compete within any product category.

Below is a 2 year snap shot of the Cheese, Butter, Margarine product category in the Foodservice Market.

The graph shows total ad pages, month by month, compared to the previous year. 

Foodservice Cheese Butter Advertising 2016


This next picture shows you which e-newsletters get advertising from companies in this product category.

b2b enewsletter advertising stats foodservice 2016

And getting into more detail of an advertiser’s media plan and placements, we look at this next report. 

The Media Summary.  This shows you some of the advertising of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. 

The details include the brand, the media placement, digital and print, and their totals. 

With a package of reports like this you can pretty much assess the media plan of any company, or an entire competitive product category, very quickly. 

And, there’s more….

In many of our reports you can request images of the actual ads themselves.  You can also receive the size, placement, frequency of any particular ad or brand. 

These are a few of the many ads we see the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board using in their foodservice advertising in 2016.

Reports like these are used by our clients for media planning; by assessing the other advertisers in a product category.  

They also help evaluate current plans and any changes that should be considered.  

They can show trends that require action in marketing plans and strategies.  

And this data will help support decisions that are necessary to achieve certain market share goals.  

It is also used quite frequently as a prospecting tool for media sales people and Advertising Agencies.   

Would you like to see more specifics?  Is there a company you’d like to profile?  Or is there another product category you compete in? 

Get a quote on your own companies competitive advertising analysis. 

You’ll be more efficient with your media plans, market assessments, and more effective in your achieving your goals.

Call us and let us give you a snap shot of your competition.  847-413-6555, ask for me, Kari Mitchell.


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