In the next few minutes you’ll discover 8 ways you can instantly take advantage of PAR’s competitive ad tracking intelligence.  

You see how having a look at your competition will give you a feel for where the market is going and what you can do today to compete more efficiently.  Sound good?  Here we go…Pattersonreport-LOGO-07.23sm

1. The PAR Market Report:
Competitive print advertising data from any of the 45 magazine markets tracked.

The PAR Market Report is a package of 4 reports which includes:

1. The Competitive Linagage Report

  • Get objective counts for total ad pages and market share for every publication.
  • Know each publisher’s position, year over year.

2. The Top 50 Advertiser Report

  • You’ll get the Top 50 Advertiser Report to track major moves by the top players. What are the key players doing today?

3. The Major Product Group Summary Report

  • See Detailed Product Category activity in the market, by publications.
  • You’ll know which categories are growing, which are fading, which are gone.
  • You’ll know which publications are getting business, in which categories, market share.

4. All Advertisers Advertising Activity.

  • The A-Z of every advertiser, their total ad pages-by publication.
  • You’ll be able to justify changes in your ad ad spending to match the market changes.
  • You’ll be able to drill into any advertiser, and see their advertising activity, which publications they ran and how much.
  • Use it to look up specific players, target new business, adjust your own marketing, justify your recommendations and settle arguments.

This Report Is Available In Every Market We Track.
You can receive this in hard copy or digital formats twice per year.
Contact Us To Order Your Report.

2. PAR Tracking Plus –  your very own proprietary, web based, competitive ad tracking database.

  • All of your competitive set at your finger tips for special analysis and reporting, at any time.
  • This is a custom set up; choose your market, your key product categories, your complete competitive set.
  • You get your own web based access so you can log in and manipulate the data as you need to see it.
  • Use it to develop strategy, pick off competitors creative, sharpen media plans and justify new strategy.
  • You’ll see all the data, ad schedules and images of ads.
  • You’ll have easy access to executable reports that show you share of voice in several different views,
  • Call to learn how to qualify and get a private demonstration.

3. Product Profile Reports: Get detailed analysis of the advertisers in your advertising category

  • Stay completely tuned into key categories in which you compete
  • Get full details of every advertiser within your specific product categories
  • Know the exact schedules and position for each ad they place
  • See their creative and improve your target market messaging
  • Improve key placement and frequency
  • See your entire competitive picture – where exactly are you in the field?
  • See where each magazine is positioned for your category

This Report Is Available For You
With A Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Subscription,
And upon request

4. Advertiser Profile Report: Put A Spot Light On Specific Competitors

  • Get up to date data on key competitors (and new business prospects)
  • Get a full account of ad, date of placement, magazine appeared, size, color, brand, dollars for each ad placed.
  • Can include copies of unique advertisements, creative.

This Report Is Available For You
With A Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Subscription,
And upon request

5. Top 200 Advertiser Report: closely watch all the moves of the top players in the market.

  • Avoid getting blind sided by up and comers
  • Track winners and losers and learn from others mistakes
  • See Who Is Getting Their Share Of Voice Heard.

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6. The Top Product Category Analysis Report: Get Insight into the Top Ad Categories.

  • See which categories are dominating
  • See which players are dominating which categories.
  • Use this knowledge to adjust your own strategy
  • Use This knowledge to target knew business.

This Report Is Available For You
With A Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Subscription,
And upon request

7. Special Request Services: When You Need To Find Something Quick, Just Call Us 847-513-6555 –

  • When you need a special project per category, per advertisers, per special niche
  • When you are going into a new market, call upon us to help you out.
  • We have collected all the data from every ad we see and can quickly access this data and generate new views you can use for:
    • Presentations
    • Strategy sessions
    • Client acquisition meetings
    • Business growth opportunities
    • Media acquisition analysis

8. Custom Editorial Tracking PR Tracking: Track key company and brand mentions in Editorial.

  • PR Tracking
  • Editorial Content Analysis
  • Special Projects

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Because helping you achieve your objectives is our business.

You’ve just discovered 8 ways you can instantly take advantage of the competitive ad tracking intelligence that we have to help you achieve your objectives. We help you keep the light shinning on your competitors. As you’ve seen we have several ways you can take advantage of this; no matter what your budget, how much or how little you advertise or your current market position.
The Best Way For You To See Which Package Is Right For You Is To Request A Private Webinar. We’ll go through our database and give you a very detailed competitive view with you and your team live, on the internet.

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