Epicurean Magazines, Not So Epicurean?

“56% Of All Advertising In 10 Consumer Food Magazines Is…Well, Not Food!!!”

The demographics for General Motors, Pfizer and Proctor & Gamble says that people who like good food and wine like their products too.

Here’s what we did, we pulled a quick report from 10 Epicurean Magazines we track and found that 3 of the Top 5 Advertisers in these Epicurean Magazines are not at all epicurean.  In fact, 56% of all the advertising in the 10 epicurean magazines we track at Patterson Advertising Reports, is non-endemic advertising, meaning they aren’t selling food related products.


You see, last year Meredith bought Everyday With Rachel Ray magazine.   So, to see what is going on here, we decided to go in and check out the action in this market and share some of what we found with you.

The information we found comes from advertising data in Food & Wine, Cooking Light, the Food Network Magazine, Wine Spectator, Bon Appetit, Everyday With Rachel Ray, Saveur, Everyday Food, Wine & Spirits, Fine and Fine Cooking.

Who are the Top Advertisers in these magazines?

Top 5 Advertisers in Epicurean Magazine Advertising

You can see that 3 of these are not really what you call Food Related companies.

Also, within this magazine group I can tell you Food & Wine, Cooking Light and Bon Appetit have the biggest percentage of non-food advertising then the others. The big winner here is Food & Wine.  Of all of its 1,112 ad pages in 2011, almost 800 of them were from non-food advertisers and just over 300 from food related products.

As far as total ad pages, in 2011 this group of magazines had 6,083.66 ad pages, off 8% from 2010 ad page totals.  Among actual food advertising categories, Wines/Champagne and Related Items was the biggest ad category with 742.37 ad pages.  The next biggest food ad category was Dairy Products General with 131.92 ad pages.  Condiments Spices and Flavors followed in number 3 with 122.48 ad pages.

Advertising categories aside, the entire Epicurean Magazine market was off about 8% in total ad pages from 2010.  But, there was 1 magazine that actually had growth and added 111.83 new add pages over 2010.

For more detailed information Click Here.   You can download a more complete report with graphs and additional insight into theadvertising in the Epicurean Magazine group.

Let us know what you think.  Is there another market you’d like to hear about?  Leave a comment.

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