Golf Advertisers Dress Well In Magazines In 1st Half 2013

Apparel Advertisers Boost Ad Pages In Golf Magazines In The First Half 2013

Magazine Advertising in the Golf Market seems pretty steady this year accept that the Apparel advertising was up 77 pages through the first 6 months of 2013.

In other Major Product Groups in the Golf magazines tracked here at Patterson Advertising Reports, Taylormade made a big jump and added 30 pages in the Golf Balls product group and Nike dropped the 21 pages it had last year to zero this year.

Golf Clubs are obviously the number 1 Product Group, and then Travel is the number 2 The next major product group is Apparel up 77 pages which put it at number 3.

Golf Market Advertising 2013 Top 5 Ad Product Category

Of advertisers in the Apparel group, the 2 staples of the Golf Market brands, Titleist Footjoy and Rolex, remain the number 1 and 2 advertisers.

Then, Oakley jumped in at number 3 with 16 pages this year among the 7 magazines we tracked for this report. Oakley only showed up with 6 ad pages last year.

Omega slid in right behind Oakley with 15 ad pages in the first 6 months compared to only 5 pages the placed last year.

And then we had Sunice, Pukka Headwear and Gold Toe Brands who showed up with 12 pages each. Of these last three advertisers, Pukka had 8 pages last year and Sunice and Gold Toe hadn’t even shown up at all through the first 6 months of 2012.

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Overall the Apparel Major Product Group added these 77 pages to top out at 273 pages through the first 6 months of 2013. (We call this a major product group because we also get pretty specific about the types of apparel each advertiser is selling, like sports wear, watches and jewelry, shoes, golf shoes etc.)

The 2nd biggest Major Product Group among advertising in the Consumer Golf magazine market, Travel Advertisers, is up just slightly over the first half of 2013 compared to last year.

Casa De Campo Resort made a push showing 8 ad pages this year and new comer Streamsong Golf placed 7.18 pages. The Palace Resorts and Bandon Dunes are the top 2 advertisers so far this year.

Golf Market Advertising 2013 Jan-June

Now in the big picture there are 2,584.49 Ad Pages in the 7 Consumer Golf Market Magazines, Golfweek has a 22% Market Share and is leading the pack in the first 6 months of 2013.

The Top advertiser overall, Titleist Footjoy, still dominated magazine advertising in the consumer golf market.

Titleist Footjoy, comes up on top in the Golf Ball Category as well as the major product group Apparel. They are in the number 3rd spot in advertising in Golf Clubs.

Most of the Titleist Footjoy advertising shows up in Golfweek and Golf World among the 7 golf magazines tracked here at Patterson Advertising Reports.

We found Callaway Golf stays the 2nd largest advertiser in the Consumer Golf Market with 196.42 Ad pages through June of 2013, compared to Titleist Footjoy’s 306.32 ad pages. Callaway had 158.42 ad pages in the Major Prodcut Group: Golf Clubs. Which put Callaway in the number 1 spot in the group. Callaway also showed 32 pages in the major Product Group Golf Balls.

Top Golf Market Advertisers Consumer Advertising

Taylormade Golf is the number 3 advertiser overall in the magazine group. Most of their 171 ad pages showed up, as you’d expect, in the Golf Clubs group.

Neither Callaway or Taylormade came close to Titleist in the Golf Balls category of course. Titleist had 110 pages compared to Callaway’s 32 magazine ad pages and Taylormade’s 29.63 ad pages.

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