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Covering These 7 Golf Publications

Golf Week | Golf Magazine (National Equivalent) | Golf Digest | PGA Golf | Golf World | Links | Sports Illustrated – Golf Edition

1.  Golf Marketing Competitive Linage Report 

You’ll be able to see the ad page battles between these consumer golf market magazines.  The Competitive Linage Report gives you market share statistics including total ad pages, estimated dollars, and market share for each publication this year versus last year.  This report is only $50.00

2.  The Golf Market Top 50 Advertiser Report

Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade Golf all battle for share of voice in the Golf Magazines Top 50 Advertiser Report. You’ll see all 50 Top Advertisers in the Golf Market, where they advertised this year, compared to last year and how much.  It’s an easy read to see what the Golf Market dominate advertisers are doing today.  Get the report instantly.  It’s an instant download through this secure shopping cart.  Only $150.00

 3.  The Golf Advertisers Share Of Market Report

In This Golf Market Advertiser Report you’ll find every advertiser, how much they advertised during this period, which magazines they used this year compared to last, and also compare to any other advertiser in the golf market.  Each advertiser is listed alphabetically to find all the details quickly.  this makes it easy to prepare competitive analysis in minutes, its only $200.00

4.  The Golf Market Product Summary Report

The information in the Major Product Summary report gives you all the major product categories and the total advertising for each category this year compared to last. You’ll see Total Golf Equipment ads per each magazine. You’ll see total Travel And Financial Ads and Automotive ads. You’ll see which product categories have increased in ads over last year, which categories have decreased in ads.   Order right here.  This report only $150.00 

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