Hoshizaki Holds #1 Spot In Magazine Advertising

Hoshizaki is #1 in Magazine Ads Among Ice Makers/Dispensers Manufacturers

With a 28% Share Of Voice,16 ad pages in 10 foodservice magazines during the first 3 quarters 2012, Hoshizaki was only slightly ahead of the other 3 players in this category; Follet, Manitowoc, & Scotsman.

Magazine Advertising In Foodservice Ice Makers 2012

But that’s not the whole story because in the fourth quarter the sale of Scotsman Industries to Ali Group was finalized.

The Ali Group is a multi-line foodservice equipment manufacturer with almost 7,000 employees in 24 countries around the world.

Scotsman Industries has 800 employees, 10 major sales offices and 1000 plus distributors around the world.

By adding Scotsman to their portfolio, Ali get’s even bigger.

Scotsman is the largest Commercial Ice Machine company in the world,”  according to Scotsman’s own website,

What’s interesting though is that even with the bold statement, “Largest”, Scotsman had the least amount print ads of the big Ice Machine companies.

Scotsman only had 13 ad pages through the first 3 quarters in foodservice magazines.

Perhaps this is a result of the structuring going on in preparation for the sale.

In the report we saw these four major players very close in their Share Of Voice positions in print advertising.

Ice Makers For Foodservice Industry Advertise In These Magazines


It’s not unusual for a company in ownership change to experience a smaller share of voice.

In fact Scotsman has had a few owners over the past few years.  As you probably know Scotsman was most recently owned by Warburg Pincus, a private equity firm who purchased Scotsman from Manitowoc in 2009.

But its now 2013.  Scotsman has new owners again.  A serious foodservice company in fact.

What will their ad schedule look like next year?  Will the marketing landscape continue to change in the foodservice market?

It’s a different ball game in Foodservice advertising today.

So different in fact that even though Scotsman was at the bottom in the print share of voice they were on top in the digital media we track.  

In the Foodservice Market we observed Scotsman with 63 ads in this digital media.  That’s more than twice that of Ice-O-Matic who we observed in only 30 digital ads.  The next company down was Manitowoc with 19 ads then Follet with 12.

We found Scotsman in 63 ad observations in with a 51% Share of Voice overall in digital advertising.

E Newsletter advertising Foodservice Market

Did you notice something missing here?  

Hoshizaki was missing altogether in digital advertising during the first 3 quarters of 2012.

Will Hoshizaki show up online this year? Will they maintain their print advertising leadership in this market?

Who can say? With all the changes in media, the economy, the companies, and the markets, what will this advertising picture look as the economy pulls out of its crazy slump.

According to an executive study available at ReportLink.com, the commercial refrigeration market will see a 4.4% growth per year through 2016. Of course China and India are sighted to be the fastest growing markets but US will remain the largest, accounting for about 25% of the sales growth.

Gains will result from an improved macroeconomic outlook, as rising consumer spending encourages food industry participants to expand the number of retail outlets and restaurants.”

That is according to ReportLink.com’s World Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market Report summary.

No doubt the next few years are going to be interesting in advertising and media usage of our foodservice advertisers.  If tracking this activity matters to you, stick around here-we’ll be watching and sharing what we find.  

If you are interested in seeing the details of this advertising activity, you may be interested in getting this 3 Media Competitive Ad Tracking Report for Foodservice for your category, Click on that link and you’ll see a detailed description.

Have any insight to what the advertising media mix looks like next year? Leave a comment.

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