Hot Bike Magazine Is Hot In A Cool Motorcycle Market

Well, motorcycles are hot no matter what, right?  So its probably right that the magazine named Hot Bike leads the pack in advertising pages this year.

Because that is exactly what Hot Bike Magazine is in the first 6 months of 2013.

Hot Bike is not only out in front but they have scorched the competition adding 49 pages this year to their book while the market over all is down 101 pages.

2013 Magazine Advertising Statistics Motorcycle Magazines

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Three other magazines were up in the 13 Magazines Patterson Advertising Reports tracks in the Street Bike Motorcycle category; Motorcyclist, V-Twin Motorcycles, and American Motorcyclist. Super Street Bike stopped publication in July this year.

The Top 5 Advertisers in the Street Motorcycle Magazine group include, Helmet House, Harbor Freight, Geico, and Progressive Insurance. Then tied for the 5th Spot is Speed & Strength and Yamaha Motorcycles.

Helmet House added 30 pages this year so far, Harbor Freight added 22 Pages this year and Speed and Strength added 18 Pages.

Top Advertisers 2013 in Motorcycle Market

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Yamaha Motorcycles dropped off 17 pages, while Joe Rocket added 17 pages, and BMW Motorcycles dropped 14 pages so far this year.

Of course no Motorcycle Market Report would be complete without mentioning the comeback of Indian Motorcycles. Indian popped into the Top 50 Advertisers in the Motorcycle Market at number 43 with 11 pages of ads in Cycle World, Motorcyclist, and Rider.

When we look into the specific product categories we see non-endemic advertisers are off about 15% in ad pages in the first half of 2013.

The Business and Finance categories, which includes the insurance giants, is down 33 pages, or 16.87%, and the Travel category is down about 12%.

Advertising Motorcycles And Motorcycle Market Statistics

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The biggest major category in market is the Motorcycle Accessories and Equipment. While the category is down this year 82.5 pages it only represents a 7% drop.

The Retail category including direct mail merchandisers, is up 34 pages or about 14%, as is the Apparel category with 25 more pages this year, a growth of 11% in the category.

That is just some of the fast action in the Motorcycle Magazine Advertising Market in 2013. The PAR Market Report for this market, and other magazine groups like Dirt Bikes, ATV’s, Off Road, Cars and 4 Wheeler, is available now.

This report is affordable for advertisers and publishers while giving you the insight of print ad facts to help you ride fast in your market.

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