We recently received an inquiry from an old customer, they had seen a report we did in their market and they inquired about getting a little more detail.

This customer had just completed an acquisition of another company, changed management and were in the process of reviewing their marketing and advertising strategies.

They didn’t know what they didn’t know…

We had 15 years of advertising data on the their own company and the company they acquired. And In our meeting we showed them what they and their competitors had done over time-THEY HAD NO IDEA.

In fact, they had begun to try and put the information together themselves. When we showed them what we had and they said, “Hey, we don’t have to do this anymore, you’ve already done it for us”.

The research they were attempting to do was time consuming, mind numbing, and arduous. We had all the competitive advertising information already.

We gave them the entire previous years data and set up a new regular service that gives them a complete picture of the market and their competition with all the detail they needed AND it was affordable.

So if you are interested in getting competitive ad tracking intelligence too, tell us a little bit about your company, your competitors, and the magazines and markets you’re competing in.

Then, let us pull together some data and we’ll review it with you. From their you’ll see what your missing and it won’t cost a cent.

At that point you’ll know whether it’s a one time snap shot of your market or a customized reporting service that’ll get you better prepared to make strategic decisions that are critical for your success today.

We’ll prepare a quick set of reports for you and review it with you. You’ll see all the services we provide and it will be pertinent to your current problem.

That is a “try it before you buy it” service tailored right to you and it’s relevant right now.

What’s It Going To Cost?

For a short time right now, we’re doing this initial analysis for you for free. The main reason is that we want to help you be more effective in your job and successful in your business.

The levels of reports and services you can get are numerous. And, we have found that just working with you once, you get a great picture of the information we have and how it saves you time in drilling into the most critical activity in your market right now.

From there we can offer a level of service that is both pertinent to you and fits into a realistic, effective budget range.

Here’s what we’ll do. First review your competitive market: Products, Competing companies and the magazine markets most important to your field.

We’ll go to work and prepare a presentation on what we find.

Then, you’ll see why this is important and how it will serve you.

From that point we can determine if you qualify for one of our service levels.

One time reports, Ongoing services or give you access to your own proprietary web based research tool, PAR Tracking Plus.

To Get Started.

  1. Call our office and set up a phone call with Kari Mitchell 847-513-6555 Ext 114
  2. Email Kari with your request, list your company and the markets you’d like to review and the best times to reach you. Kari Mitchell