In Rough Sea’s Beneteau, Stingray Boats, and Jeanneau Show Increases In Magazine Advertising In The Marine Market.

In 2007 Beneteau had 57 ad pages among the 29 boating magazines we track. In 2011, they had 92 ad pages. Stingray Powerboats showed 38 ad pages in 2007 and 51 in 2011. And Jeanneau Boats went from 41 pages in 2007 to 51 in 2011.

Beneteau Stingray Boats and Jeanneau all show magazine advertising increases

Obviously we are looking for some positive signs in the marine market.

I’m not trying to ignore the obvious, in the BOATS category alone magazine ad pages are off 59.9% since the 2007 water mark of 6,478 ad pages. That is down to 2,596 ad pages in 2011.  This the result of a Five Year slide that may have hit bottom now.

Some big boating advertisers who have dropped during this time include Fountain Powerboats who in 2007 bought 157 ad pages and in 2011 only showed 2 pages. Sea Ray Boats went from 127 pages down to 5 pages in 2011. And Cabo Yachts, 107 ad pages to 25 last year.

Fountain Powerboats Searay Boats and Cabo Yachts Decrease Magazine Advertising

Now, we saw in the previous post that themagazine advertising in the 29 boating magazines we track is off 43.1% over the 5 year period however, ad pages actually increased in 2011 over 2010, albeit just 1.6%.

Within this market we have found a few categories which have shown ad page increases. They are Marine Apparel, Marine Finishes, and Marine Services. In the next post, we’re going to drill into these categories and see who is making the moves in these categories.

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