New Advertiser, Old Brand!

Or should we say, “How to Barbecue Without Lighting a Match!”

Kingsford is in the food game.  Kingsford came out with BBQ Sauces and Dry Rubs early last year, a very competitive category, and now this….

Kingsford Advertises BBQ Foods

Barbeque Made Simple. 

This ad first appeared in our data base from the November 2017, Grocery Business, (Formerly Grocery Headquarters).  

And this will be important to watch this year as the advertising rolls out. 


As an old, powerful brand, Kingsford has a lot of Brand Firepower. 

When joining forces with another old powerhouse, CBQ LLC, a Carl Budding & Co unit, to enter the market with these new products they automatically become a powerful player. 

How will big will their ad schedule be in 2018?

To find out you can order an Advertiser Profile Report

You’ll get monthly or quarterly updates about their activity. 

Your updates will show which publications the advertiser appeared, the creative that was used, and every other important detail about their advertising. 

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