Discover The Truth About The Ad Page Wars In 37 Restaurant And Foodservice Magazines-

All In One Power Packed Report

In just a few moments you can get instant access to a power packed, truth revealing, competitive advertising info filled report plainly called, The Competitive Linage Report. 
Competitive Ad Tracking Service

But there is nothing plain about this report.

You see, the reason it exists is because there is a conversation happening right now in some conference room, or in a sales meeting.

Maybe it’s in a creative meeting, or a media planning session.

Maybe it’s happening over lunch, dinner, or a cup of coffee.

The meeting is between players in the foodservice industry.

And the meeting goes like this….

…“What are ‘They’ doing?  And what should ‘We’ do about it?”

If you are ever in a meeting like this, I want you to have at least some of the answers.

And that’s why I feel you shouldn’t be the one wasting time digging around and counting ad pages, or hoping the information you got from “someone else” is accurate.

You should be the one in the know, the one with answers.

For instance, in a New York Minute The Competitive Linage Report reveals who’s up, who’s down, who owns what percent of the foodservice ad page market, all on one page.

Because this one page report gives you the exact data you need to quickly size up how each magazine in the foodservice industry is performing, you don’t have to guess, or sit around wondering what’s happening, you’ll know and be able to get to the answers faster.

You’ll have more confidence because Patterson Advertising Reports has been collecting, categorizing, quantifying, and reporting competitive advertising data in this industry for over 30 years.

With Patterson Advertising Reports on your team you no longer have to count yourself, guess, or wonder if the data is accurate.

You can just go ahead and…

Be the Director, the General, the One calling the shots

…with the best information available, and not be the grunt in the field collecting all this data yourself.

Get the Competitive Linage Report right now

Here’s a sample… 

Foodservice Advertising Statistics


Could you image flipping through dozens and dozens of magazines every month, sizing the ads, categorizing the ads, identifying the brands, the product categories, and parent companies- and keeping this huge data base up do date with all the mergers and acquisitions happening in the industry?

We’ll, that is what we do for you.

But if you are not a regular customer of ours, who gets these reports on a monthly basis, you don’t have firsthand experience of how good this is.

In moments you can have your copy of the Competitive Linage Report in your hands.

You’ll know exactly who’s up, who’s down, by how much and how much each publication commands in the market.

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