Marine Magazine Titles are off 43.6% In Ad Pages Over 5 Years But, 1 Magazine Is Up!

The economy sunk advertising in marine magazines over the past five years but, Yachts International actually showed ad page growth.

We can’t say the same for any of the other 28 magazines Patterson Advertising Reports tracks in the consumer marine magazine market. All have fallen off the pace since 2007 and 2008, all accept Yachts International.

Yachts International is the anomaly. This magazine had 676 ad pages in 2007, they were up to 827 ad pages in 2008 then came down to 634 and 626 in 2009 and 2010. But in 2011 Yachts International had 690 ad pages in their publication.

Overall the advertising pages in the marine magazines has slumped 43.6%, going from 25,591 ad pages in 2007 to just 14,447 pages in 2011. Down 43%

Patterson Advertising Reports Magazine Advertising In Marine Magazines

The biggest losers so far are Motorboating and Trailer Boats-they stopped print in 2011.

Powerboat lost 533 ad pages or 80% of it’s 2007 watermark, Power & Motoryacht was down 61% as was Boating Magazine. Florida Sportsman was down 64% and Ocean Navigator 56%.

Even with all this going on it’s great to see some magazines staying afloat. Some of the sailing magazines haven’t taken on quite as much water as the other publications we track. Blue Water Sailing, Cruising World, Sail and Sailing World have done OK.

Since two thirds of the planet is covered in water, I don’t think that the marine magazine market will “dry up” any time soon. Perhaps the media mix might change, as more information sharing goes online, but we are still going to navigate our boating interests through print into the foreseeable future.

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