Marine Magazines Total Advertising Pages Through May 2012

Patterson Advertising Reports Show Competitive Advertising In Boating Magazine Market

Is a 10% drop in magazine advertising pages really a 10% drop?

With 3 Boating magazines out of publication in 2012, representing 63.3% of the 659.63 lost advertising pages, maybe the market isnt really all that bad.

Competitive Ad Tracking Marine Magazines May 2012

If we dropped out Powerboat, Motorboating and Trailerboats from the mix here the market would only be off 242 advertising pages or just 4%.


Of the top magazines in the boating market Showboats International had 377 ad pages, only off 1 page form 2011 through 5 months this year. If we move farther down the ranking we can see that Boating Magazine actually increased 64.91 as pages. That is a 30% increase over last year.

A couple of other winners this year include Southern Boating, Florida Sportsman, Marlin, Lakeland Boating, Sailing World, Boat USA, and Water Ski Magazine.

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