The New Advertiser Report: Jan – Sept, 2018

Foodservice Marketing Reports The New Advertiser Report shows advertisers that have not previously appeared in any of the publications or e-newsletters tracked by PAR.  You will see the name of the company, the magazine and or e-newsletter their ads appeared, and the month in which it appeared.  Because you see who is new in the market, you can use this report to stay ahead of competition and find new client opportunities.   Add This To Your Research.  


Major Product Group Summary: Jan – Sept, 2018

Foodservice Products Advertising The Major Product Group Summary totals up all advertising insertions in the foodservice magazines and e-newsletters tracked for this report.  Advertising is divided by 25 major product group categories.  You will see exactly which categories are advertising the most, and which categories the least.  This is a big picture report that will allow you to identify areas to concentrate or target for business growth and protection.  


Print Media Biggest Advertising Gainers: Jan – Sept 2018

B2B Advertising Gainers 2018This report shows the advertisers who have increased their print ads the most during this period.  For example, Custom Culinary totaled 2 pages of advertising for this period last year, 2017, and showed 17.67 pages of advertising in the first 9 months of 2018. That was a big enough increase to place them number 7 on a list of 53 advertisers included in this report.  These 53 advertisers total 131 pages for the first 9 months of 2017 and 453 pages in 2018. That’s 321 new pages of ads this year.


The PAR MARKET REPORT: Jan – Sept 2018

Foodservice Ads Competitive reviewGet a complete view of the competitive landscape of the advertising in the Restaurant/Foodservice Print and Digital Media. You’ll see the total pages and insertions for every media tracked by PAR. You’ll get to know the Top Advertisers and what they have been doing. You’ll also get a total snapshot of every advertiser in the market, how much they’ve advertised and where they’ve advertised. You can use this report to review your own competition. You can use it to find strengths and weaknesses in various areas of the market. You can review the growth and other changes among the product categories. You can quickly identify key advertisers for further study and potential growth. This report pays for itself every year. Buy the 3rd Quarter Report Now and you’ll receive the Year End Edition at no charge.
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