Plant-based food advertisers are growing like weeds

It’s no secret plant-based food offerings (and requests from customers) have “grown like weeds”.

What does the advertising in the foodservice media look like? 

Plant Based Foods


Both in Foodservice magazines and E-newsletters. 

Despite all the bad experiences from the pandemic the number of ad insertions by advertisers promoting plant-based foods, or meat substitute products, more than doubled.

In 2019 we found 124 insertions in both the magazines and E-newsletters we tracked. In 2020 there were 251 ads.  That’ s 102% increase in this category.

That’s pretty good in one of the most challenging times we’ve known. 

Now it looks like we are moving forward with life and the trend continues to “grow”.

The first quart of 2021 showed 51 insertions versus 29 in the first quarter of 2020. 

That is a 75% Increase in the first quarter alone (when things were still a bit uncertain) 

And in this group of advertisers in 1st Quarter 2021, 9 of them did not advertise in the first quarter of 2020. 

We’re not saying they were necessarily new advertisers but known companies in the category who either did not plan it for the 1st quarter last year or may not of had an offering in this category yet.

Like Tyson popped up in the category this year in the first quarter with a Jimmy Dean plant-based patty.

Impossible Foods hadn’t advertised in the first 3 months in the foodservice media last year but did this year. 

Who Is the Top Player So Far This Year?

The top player was Future Foods with 12 insertions so far this year. 

Last year Future Foods did a total of 15 insertions.  So we’ll have to see how the rest of the year unfolds for them.

Last year, 2020, the leader in the category was Kellogg with the Morning Star brand, 56 insertions.

Close behind was Burke with 47, and Planterra Foods with 45.

You can download The Summary Report Right Here….

Plant Based Foods Report 

Who was getting all the ad business back in 2020? 

FSR FS Insider took 37 Insertions in 2020. What is amazing is that they only had 4 in 2019.  That was an 825% increase in the category for them.

NRN AM took in 34 insertions, 15 the year before.

Restaurant Smartbrief 21 insertions, and SNA Smartbrief and FM Today each had 18 in 2020. 

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