Print Still Relevant In B2B Advertising?

In January this year we caught 1,357 advertisements in E-newsletters. For the month of September that number grew to 2,265 ads.

Print vs E-Newsletter B2B Advertising 2015

And for the year, through September 2015, the total number of E-Newsletters Ad Units we counted in this market is 15,558.

To get this number we tracked 103 E-Newsletters in the Restaurant/Foodservice market, C-Store market, and the Hotel & Lodging Markets combined.

In the magazines in this same market we counted 12,480 ad units.

So I wanted to give you a clear perspective of this activity and we created a few summary reports which you can get, I’ll tell how you in a moment.

Before I do, let’s look at some of the most active E-Newsletters in these markets.

CSN Daily News, NACS Daily News, NRN’s E-Newsletters and The Smart Briefs are among the most active. You’ll get the specifics in the Free Summary.

We also created another B2B Advertising Summary Report that combines the E-Newsletter Ad Units side by side with Print Ad Units.

This report shows you how many ad units went into E-Newsletters and how many went into Print ads for the period January – September 2015.

In fact, it shows you the total ad units for each one of the 2,515 companies who’ve advertised in these markets, in one or both of these media, this year.

Here are some highlights:

B2B Advertising Statistics 2015American Express looks like it went all in on E-Newsletters so far this year while Rubbermaid favored going with heavier print advertising media buy.

Campbell Soups and Hatco had a more balanced approach to their media buys and Kraft has more activity in E-Newsletters than in Print.

That is still a solid print advertising presence for Kraft this year.

This Print & E-Newsletter Summary Report is available for instant download right here.

Many of the top companies in the market seem to be using a balanced approach between the two media included in these reports.

Again, we counted 15,558 ad units in E-Newsletters and 12,480 ad units in the magazines we track in these markets.

So from an “Ad Unit” perspective, E-Newsletters weigh heavier than print however, print is still very important part of b2b advertising media.

All this information here has come from two reports:

b2b e-newsletter advertising statistics


These are just summaries. When we count an advertisement we include the Company, Parent Company, Brand, Product, Detailed Product Category, ad size (in print) and the specific details of each advertisement itself.

All of this detailed information goes into our proprietary data base so that you can pull out reports and spreadsheets on the market, your competition, your prospective clients and specific segments of the market on demand (just call us) or on a regular basis.

You can pull this information in as broad or as specific levels as you need to help you do your job of evaluating the market, planning media buys, creating strategies for future growth, and accessing current competitive threats.

You see, we’ve already gathered the information, its’ ready for you when you need it.

Start now and get the free summary report on E-Newsletter B2B Advertising in Restaurant Foodservice, C-Store, Hotel Lodging Markets.  Click Here

B2B E-Newsletter Advertising Statistics

How do you feel about the number of E-Newsletters in the market right now? Tell us what you think. Are there enough? Too many? The right amount to serve the market right now? Leave a comment now.  

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