Product Categories That Increased In Ad Pages

When a foodservice advertising category jumps more than 100 ad pages in one year, we wonder “What Is Happening In Other Product Categories?”

Here is a look at 6 Big Movers among Major Product Advertising Categories in Food Service.

Foodservice Advertising Statistics 2014

The 2 big categories that saw major change were Uniforms and Foods Multiline.

Uniforms showed an increase just over 118 ad pages from 2013 to 2014. 

And Foods Multiline, increase of almost 108 ad pages. 

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In The 3rd spot you’ll see Cheese/Butter/Margarine with an increase of nearly 60 pages. 

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In the 4th spot is The Dealers/Wholesalers/Suppliers/Procurement/Distributors product category showing an increase of almost 55 ad pages last year from a 2013 total of 115.78 pages to 2014’s total of 170.42 ad pages. 

In the oh so sweet 5th spot is Sugar & Sugar Substitutes up 45.70 pages, more than doubling the ad total in 2013. 

In in the 6th biggest gaining product category is Holding/Serving Equipment up 40 pages from 2013.  I’ll give you one extra, because it’s a big one.

In the 7th spot is Ovens-Baking/Roasting with in increases of 35.73 ad pages.  But this is a big product category in the Foodservice advertising space. 

Ovens-Baking/Roasting category went from 217 ad pages in 2013 to 253 Ad pages in 2014. 

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