Rubbermaid Tries To Clean Up In The Foodservice Industry!

Rubbermaid has jumped into 2015 with 33 Ad Pages through April in Foodservice Industry Magazines.

That’s 32 more ad pages then Rubbermaid had last year.  This launched them into the TOP 50 Advertisers in 2015.

But that is not even the biggest increase we see in the current Top 50 Advertiser Report.

The National Restaurant Association added 35 more ad pages to their media plan to become the top advertiser overall.

Just take a look at 12 of the Top Advertisers and their total ad pages through April this year.

Advertising Statistics

The Top Advertiser Report gives you a very good feel for who is making moves and getting a bigger share of voice in the Foodservice Industry.

As you can see The NRA has definitely experienced a big move so far this year.

What’s wild is that they only had 34 pages through April of 2014 and 22 in 2013.  And this year we see 69 total ad pages.

That’s 35 more ad pages this year.  Double of last year.

Rubbermaid only had 1 ad page 2014 – and now 33 ad pages so far this year.

And these two are not the only ones who’ve made big moves.

We can see Campbell Soup made a big jump this year too.

Campbell Soup had only 11 pages last year during this period and we counted 25.66 ad pages so far this year.

What happens when these guys move to the top?

Other advertisers get moved out, of course.  The Top Advertiser Report shows us that too.

One big example is Tyson Foods.  Tyson Foods has been making more than a few changes.

In 2013 we counted only 3 ad pages during the first 4 months of the year.

In 2014 they had a whopping 61 ad pages through April.  That 61 pages had them at the top of the class last year.


Then in the first 4 months of 2015, Tyson Foods has shown only 18.25 ad pages.  That dropped them to the 20th position among Top Advertisers.

Another big advertiser, Smucker & Company, dropped 22.79 ad pages, from 41.97 last year to 19.18 in 2015.

And some other companies just moved up a few spots.

Simplot makes a move from the 8th spot in 2014 to the 2nd spot in 2015, by adding about 9 pages to their media plan.

And Bush Brothers moved from 9th to the 3rd spot this year increasing their total ad pages to 37 so far.

To give you a picture of the year to year changes, here are the Top 12 Advertisers with ad pages this year compared to their print advertising media plan last year.


Again the most dramatic changes we saw are Rubbermaid, Campbell Soup, and The National Restaurant Associations 69 pages so far this year.

And this is just the first 4 months of 2015.

In Mid-July of this year, we will have all of the 1st half of 2015 coded and ready for our clients.

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