Impossible Foods Makes Its Move…

Impossible Foods Advertising

New Advertiser, Impossible Foods, has appeared in 6 Print ads and 3 digital ads already this year. After a $75 Million investor influx they’ve built their new plant (pun not intended) and are expected to produce about 1 million pounds of their ground beef substitute.  Here is a summary of what appears in Foodservice magazines and digital properties tracked by PAR Inc. Just as the battle for Foodservice customers, there is the Grocery Store battle going on with Beyond Meat as well An interesting part of Impossible Food’s strategy is not just targeting vegetarians, they target beef lovers with idea […] Read more »

Will Titleist Retain The Number 1 Spot In The Battle For Share Of Voice In Golf Magazine Advertising?

With The Sale Of Acushnet, and its brands Titleist and Footjoy, I thought I’d dive into our advertising data base and look at the print advertising activity of these two powerhouse brands of the Golf Market Competitive Advertising Total Ad Pages In Golf Market, All Advertisers Currently Acushnet, Titleist and Footjoy, is the Number One Advertiser among all golf advertisers in the golf market magazines we track. Top Advertisers Report Golf Market Through April 2011, Patterson Advertising Reports, Inc (PAR, Inc) shows Titleist and Footjoy with 226.99 pages of advertising in these golf magazines: Golfweek, Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf […] Read more »