A New Advertiser Shows Up In The Top 20! 

When You Want To Grab The Attention Of Restaurant Operators, You Advertise In Foodservice Industry Media, Right?    This year’s Top 20 Foodservice Advertisers, for the 1st Half of 2019 including print and digital media, contain most of the usual players: Tyson, Garner, Middlebury, Ali Group, and Nestle to name a few.   But nestled in at number 18 is an up and comer, ShiftPixy.   ShiftPixy had 29 Print Ad Pages and 20 Digital Insertions.  A big 1st half media buy for a new company in any industry.   Where did the money go?   ShiftPixy is a company positioned as a solution […] Read more »

Advertising Stats Are Like Holiday Candy

Patterson Advertising Reports Foodservice Gifts

If Foodservice Advertising Stats are like Candy for you, you’ll like these… There are 959 active print advertisers with 5,354 ad pages through September of this year. That is an average of 5.58 pages of advertising per advertiser. There were 313 advertisers that did not have one single ad page last year. But this year they ran 717 ad pages.  Who are these guys? Well, 58 of these are brand new print advertisers for the foodservice market.  So, having a look at the print and digital advertising in the Foodservice market, as we provide it, opens up opportunities for you. […] Read more »

Top 20 Foodservice Magazines, 2016 and 1st Quarter 2017

b2b print media foodservice ad page gainers 1st quarter 2017

The Top 20 magazines in the foodservice by total ad pages in 2016 include NRN, of course, then QSR, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, Restaurant Business, and Pizza Today. Overall the foodservice print advertising had a gain of just over 8% in 2016.  Here are the totals for the top 20 of the 37 magazines in foodservice industry tracked for this report.  For a different view look at the report below.  This report gives you a feel for the growth among those 37 magazines in foodservice.  You’ll see Foodservice Director up 82 pages, FSR up almost 70 ad pages, NRN gaining […] Read more »

2016 Advertising: Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Like performance in many other industries in 2016… Foodservice print advertising was up.  Barely.  So it begs the question:  “Is The Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?” You see, among the 19 publications we sampled for this report, 2 Publications saw significant double digit growth, FSR and Foodservice Director, and 4 showed double digit declines.   Yet overall advertising was up.  Even if just 65 pages in this group. That’s pretty good considering changes in the advertising landscape, the elections, and other tumultuous happenings in the world this past year.  Or maybe not so good if you’re looking for signs of stronger […] Read more »

B2B Print Advertising Fills Up at C-Store magazines.

Here is a convenient stop for B2B print advertising statistics in the Convenience Store trade market.  You’ll quickly get print advertising totals by magazine, by major product groups, and see top print advertisers for this trade market.     The most popular stop in convenience store B2B publications for print advertising is Convenience Store Petroleum getting 755 ad pages in the first 3 quarters of 2016. Following in popularity for ad pages is Convenience Store News with 450 ad pages, and C- Store Decisions with 329.  This quick stop shows you total B2B print advertising pages, for the first 9 […] Read more »

Barilla Is Still The Gorilla In Ad Pages

Barilla Foodservice Advertising

Barilla still dominates the Share of Voice in the Grains Product Category of Foodservice Print Advertising in 2014. So, who wants 2nd place in 2015? In 2013 Conagra Mills (now tracked as Ardent Mills) was in a tie for 2nd with Dakota Growers. That changed in 2014 as the formerly 5th place Bay State Milling jumped right into that 2nd place tie with Dakota Growers.  All Bay State Milling did was hold the same budget, the same 10 ad pages, as their 2013 advertising. Below is the pie chart depicting the share of voice battle in this market. We can […] Read more »

Hershey’s, Smucker’s, Kraft, and Nutella Want To Advertise On Your Toast

Hershey's Chocolate Spread Advertising 2014

If Hershey’s, Smucker’s, Kraft And Nutella could advertise on your toast, they would. Here’s why… The US “Spreads” category, which includes peanut butter, marmalade, and the like, is a $3.4 billion category. There is one segment of this food category that is on fire, that’s the Chocolate Spreads. This category has been dominated by Nutella with something like a 70% market share in the US. According to Euromonitor the Chocolate Spreads market alone is worth about $300 million a year. No doubt that’s why Hershey’s, Smucker’s and Kraft have set their sights on this category. Hershey’s entered this market at […] Read more »

What Does Magazine Advertising Have To Do With Board Meeting Decisions?

I was sitting in a big board meeting at a non-profit and several decisions had to be made to move the group forward.  What I really remember about this meeting was how the decisions were actually made.  It was very revealing.   Here is the scene, I’m in a group of about 30 people.  A topic would get tossed on the table for the group to “discuss”.   Several people would then give voice to their idea’s.  But, usually one person would start to control the conversation.  How?  This person would say something about each of the other peoples comments first, then […] Read more »

3 Marine Advertising Categories That Grew…

Is The Boating Market Swamped?These Ad Categories Show Signs Of Growth. Print advertising page counts in the marine magazine market have been swamped by the economy over the last 5 years. However, we reviewed all the major product categories and their advertising activity and actually found a few that have increased their competitive advertising in the marine market. Take Marine Apparel advertising, it’s not a huge category in the 29 magazines that we track at Patterson Advertising Reports but, total ad pages are up 47%. Sperry Top-Siders advertised 33 pages in 2011, compared to 23 in 2007. Gill Douglas USA more than doubled their advertising […] Read more »