Golf Advertisers Dress Well In Magazines In 1st Half 2013

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Apparel Advertisers Boost Ad Pages In Golf Magazines In The First Half 2013 Magazine Advertising in the Golf Market seems pretty steady this year accept that the Apparel advertising was up 77 pages through the first 6 months of 2013. In other Major Product Groups in the Golf magazines tracked here at Patterson Advertising Reports, Taylormade made a big jump and added 30 pages in the Golf Balls product group and Nike dropped the 21 pages it had last year to zero this year. Golf Clubs are obviously the number 1 Product Group, and then Travel is the number 2 […] Read more »

Does More Ad Spending Make Golf Balls Fly Farther???

The Golf Magazines Are Up In Advertising Pages.  This Video Also Reveals The Top 3 Advertisers; Titleist, TaylorMade, And Callaway And Their Magazine Advertising Activity.   This competitive ad data was compiled in minutes right from the Semi Annual PAR Report data. To see the video Click Here To Download a PDF of this Report, “Gratis”… Just Click Here Read more »