Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Up 174% In Ad Pages?

Competitive Ad Tracking Services

The Ad Pages in the Foodservice Industry have grown 14 % in the First Quarter of 2105. Restaurant Business is up, Foodservice Equipment Reports, Catersource are a couple of the others that are up but, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies has blown the roof off the building! Maybe FE&S just got lucky? Maybe it’s because they got innovative and landed a huge custom publishing gig? Maybe its because of new innovations and technology in the restaurant industry which is forcing new investments in marketing? Maybe it’s that advertisers know about the sharp pencils of operators.   Operators who want to invest in […] Read more »

Barilla Is Still The Gorilla In Ad Pages

Barilla Foodservice Advertising

Barilla still dominates the Share of Voice in the Grains Product Category of Foodservice Print Advertising in 2014. So, who wants 2nd place in 2015? In 2013 Conagra Mills (now tracked as Ardent Mills) was in a tie for 2nd with Dakota Growers. That changed in 2014 as the formerly 5th place Bay State Milling jumped right into that 2nd place tie with Dakota Growers.  All Bay State Milling did was hold the same budget, the same 10 ad pages, as their 2013 advertising. Below is the pie chart depicting the share of voice battle in this market. We can […] Read more »

Talking Turkey In Foodservice Advertising

Print Advertising Trends 2014 Turkey Category

Turkey Magazine Advertising is already past the total pages of 2013. ButterBall and Jennie-O-Turkey are the 2 big advertising players right now. Foster Farms was a leader in this sub category of Poultry Products and probably focused most of their attention on matters within their plants over the last year. To help you see the overall advertising trends within this one product category, I made a few graphs for you. The first graph shows the total ad page trend that is typical of most categories of print advertising. The total advertising in the Turkey Category shows a bounce back of […] Read more »