The 2015 Restaurant FS E-Newsletter Advertising Review

Patterson Advertising Reports Tracked 5,820 digital advertising units, by 469 companies, in 56 Restaurant Foodservice related E-Newsletters in the first half 2015. 

The Top Product Category, by the number of ad units, were Trade Associations, followed by Credit/Financial Institutions, Cash Systems, Condiments/Spices/Flavorings, and then Potato Products.

B2B Advertising E-Newsletters Statistics

Your about to get a free report showing these advertising units and the activity in each of the 155 Product Categories.

I’ll even give you a detailed review of the Condiments/Spices/Flavorings category.

This free sample will give you a feel for the detail of E-Newsletter advertising data that PAR makes available to you in this market.

Resaurant Foodservice b2b Enewsletter advertising 2015

But before I give you this free report, let me reveal just a couple of important facts about the advertising activity in Restaurant Foodservice E-Newsletters, as we see them right now.

The Top 150 advertisers, of the 469 we found, represented over 82% of all the ad units in these 56 E-newsletters.  The companies seen at the top include American Express, Kraft, and The Food Institute.

15 of the 56 E-Newsletters we track get almost 75% of all the ad units.  Restaurant Smart Brief, Pro Chef Smart Brief, SNA Smart Brief, QSR AM Jolt and IFDA Daily Report appear as the top 5 E-newsletter by ad units.

Of all 469 advertisers, 50 of them placed over 50% of all ad units and the Top 150 represented over 80% of all E-Newsletter ad units.

Now discover even more facts in this Product Category Summary report by downloading this for free

Click Here:  Restaurant FS eNewsletter advertising June 2105 Product Summary Review

PAR Reports E Newsletter advertising Summary

You’ll have a taste of the type of companies and product categories that are actively seen using E-Newsletter advertising this year.

You’ll see the total number of ad units per product category.  And you’ll get a sample report of the Condiments, Spices, Flavorings category- a high level of competitive advertising intelligence, for free.

Enjoy and just let us know if you want more information about E-Newsletter Advertising In the Restaurant Foodservice market.

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