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The PAR MARKET REPORT turns data into information you can use to stay on top, see big trends, and target profitable segments for revenue growth.

The PAR REPORT instantly reveals…

  • The strengths and weaknesses in a magazine market, so you really know who’s advertising where, how much, and which magazines are getting the pages.
  • The Top 50 Advertisers and their entire magazine advertising strategy, so you can see what the most active players are doing and where you fit in to the share of voice mix.
  • Detailed analysis of each product category, so you can see dying product categories and new ones in growth modes.
  • A to Z listing of every advertiser, how much they spent and where. This gives you additional research to fine tune your own campaigns and design new ones.

Here’s why it’s important….

When you know exactly what your competition is doing, you save yourself time in planning your attack. The PAR Report does this for you – by making the data instantly available.

Here’s What Is Included In Your PAR Market Report: 

On a Semi-Annual Basis you’ll receive 4 distinct reports packed with strategic information.

#1  The Competitive Linage Report-Total ad pages and market share by publication

Patterson Advertising Reports, Competitive Ad Tracking, Magazine Advertising

  • Shows total ad pages for each magazine in the market. So you know who has the majority ad pages and market share instantly.
  • Shows comparative data year vs year so you can track changes like who’s up and who’s down year vs. year.
  • Shows total market share by publication so you know who’s who in the markets you’re in.

A $950 Annual Value

#2  The Top 50 Advertiser Report

Patterson Advertising Reports, Competitive Ad Tracking, Magazine Advertising Stats

  • You get to see the bulk of the the top ranked advertisers in your given market.
  • You’ll see them ranked by total ad pages, you’ll know how much the top advertisers are spending.
  • What publications they advertise in to see where the majority of their spending is going.

A $1,500 Annual Value

#3  The Product Group Market Share Analysis

Patterson Advertising Reports, Magazine Advertising, Product Groups

  • Shows each major product category in the magazine market and total pages so you know what categories drive the market. There have been lots of changes here in the past few years.
  • Shows which categories are growing and which are shrinking so you can really understand the dynamic changes in a particular market.
  • Gives you a complete breakdown of each category and then ranks each publication within the category. This clearly shows which publications dominate each product category.

A $2,500 Annual Value

#4  The Advertiser Share of Market Report: Every Advertiser in Your Market

PAR Report, Patterson Advertising Reports, Competitive Ad Tracking

  • Allows you to look up anybody, anytime and see total pages and publications they advertised.
  • Look up your competitors in an instant
  • Look up players in other categories quickly.
  • Look for new strategies to incorporate in your own mix.
  • Know who’s who and what they’re doing in your market.
  • Find New Business Quickly.

A $3,000 Annual Value

That is a total of 4 Major Competitive Ad Tracking Resources, Valued at $7,950, delivered to you twice a year (for much less than that)

If you’re responsible for buying or selling magazine advertising, and you want to save yourself time and money, Buy The PAR MARKET REPORT Today. 


Here’s How:  Find The Market You Compete In and Click The Link.  This will take you to the report store for that market and then you can Choose PAR MARKET REPORT.  This will take you right to the check out page and if you have a coupon code, you can enter it there.  Next, just purchase the report you want and you can immediately download your PAR MARKET REPORT and begin using it.

If you have questions you can still call us.  Call 847-513-6555 and then extension 114 and ask for me, Kari Mitchell. Or, send me an email to KPMitchell@ParInc.Org


The 2019, 1st Half, Restaurant/Foodservice Market:


Additional PAR MARKETS 

Hotel Lodging

Food Processing




Coffee Tea



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Once you receive your reports, you have a full 30 days to review the reports. If you are not completely satisfied with the information you get, you’ll get a complete refund no questions asked.