A New Advertiser Shows Up In The Top 20! 

When You Want To Grab The Attention Of Restaurant Operators, You Advertise In Foodservice Industry Media, Right? 


This year’s Top 20 Foodservice Advertisers, for the 1st Half of 2019 including print and digital media, contain most of the usual players: Tyson, Garner, Middlebury, Ali Group, and Nestle to name a few.  

But nestled in at number 18 is an up and comer, ShiftPixy.  

Patterson Advertising Reports, Inc 2019

ShiftPixy had 29 Print Ad Pages and 20 Digital Insertions.  A big 1st half media buy for a new company in any industry.  

Where did the money go?  

Patterson Advertising Reports, Inc 2019

ShiftPixy is a company positioned as a solution to the growing human resource expenses and turnover problems associated with staffing part-time employees.  

Its a great idea as the number one problem, it seems, for operators is hiring AND KEEPING good employees.  

Most of these are classified as “part-time” employees yet they still need and want benefits availed to “full time” employees.  

So, ShiftPixy intends to fill the role as the employer and “shift out” these people to restaurants who can use them as part-time. 

A good idea backed with advertising and the investment to attend the NRA Show makes this year a big introduction for the new company.  

No doubt we’ll see more products, from new and old advertisers, new services, and more companies jumping in to help solve problems like finding good people, self-serving checkout kiosks, drone food delivery, and robotic salad carts to name a few.  

So, we’re going to keep our eye for more innovations and new advertisers appearing in our database, so you can be in the know.    

This is just a small sample of the information contained in our reports. 

Maybe you’d like to know who else is appearing in Print and Digital Media, and how much?  

Maybe you want to know when old advertisers, who haven’t been active in a while, make a comeback?  

Like Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment, who aside from 1 ad in 2015 we haven’t seen since 2008.  

Imperial popped up with about 22 pages of advertising so far this year.  

Well, you can order a “New Advertisers Report” which would show you all advertisers appearing for the first time. 

Or, maybe you want media usage information on a particular advertiser or a group of advertisers.  

You can order Product Category Reports or Advertiser Profiles for just any category and advertiser in the industry. 

We can give you what you’re looking for, give us a call or send me an email, KPMitchell@ParInc.org

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