Talking Turkey In Foodservice Advertising

Turkey Magazine Advertising is already past the total pages of 2013.

ButterBall and Jennie-O-Turkey are the 2 big advertising players right now.Foodservie print advertising trends

Foster Farms was a leader in this sub category of Poultry Products and probably focused most of their attention on matters within their plants over the last year.

To help you see the overall advertising trends within this one product category, I made a few graphs for you.

The first graph shows the total ad page trend that is typical of most categories of print advertising. The total advertising in the Turkey Category shows a bounce back of the decline from 2007, which bottomed in 2010, and rose until 2012.  Then you see…

…2013 and 2014 total advertising pages just above the 2010 bottom In This Product Category .

Print Advertising Trends 2014 Turkey Category

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In this next report you can see the advertising in the foodservice magazines broken out by year and company.

Butterball ad pages have seen some big swings, but it looks like 2014 may end up close to their largest ad page total since 2007.

As we previously pointed out Foster Farms advertising in this category, once dominant, declined to 4 ad pages in 2013 and now only show 7 pages through September of this year.

And then Jennie-O-Turkey is in with 13 ad pages so far this year.

From a Share of Voice perspective it looks like Butterball now commands a 63% share this year in the Turkey Category.  It had been as low as 1% in 2011, and it’s previous high was a 33% share of voice in 2012.

Foodservice magazine advertising Trends 2014 Turkey Producers

Clearly Butterball has emerged as the dominant advertiser in the foodservice magazines this year within this one product category.

Take a look where the ads are going…

The Top 3 Magazines for advertising among Turkey Producers:  Plate Magazine, Restaurant Hospitality and FoodService Director through September 2014.

Foodservice Magazine Advertising Totals Turkey Ads 2014

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