At some point during the year you’re going to be pulling data together to analyze your market and the competitive situation.

Maybe you or one of your staff frantically grab a years worth of magazines and start flipping through each issue and attempting to cull the information you need.

Foodservice Market Advertising StatisticsOr, you will get on the phone and call the magazine reps get your competitive information– which may or may not be exactly what you need.

Or, you’ve experimented enough and found it easier to purchase the data you need from reputable ad tracking resource.

Let’s take a quick look at these…

If you compile the information yourself, how much time are you spending, what detail of information can you effectively put together, what if you miss something?

How do you consistently categorize in detail all of the ads and when you go to present the data how confidently can you stand on the information? How flexible is the data base you’ve got.

If your information is coming from magazine reps, is it exactly what you want?

Is it objective and unbiased enough to make real decisions? Many times it does originate from PAR or other services but until you have your own proprietary data, the way you need to see it you won’t have the confidence and security you need to plan and execute.

If you’re purchasing from another source, the information may be lacking in the detail of category analysis or level of accuracy. Many companies provide large data bases yet, don’t have the capability to provide much detail and customized research exactly the way you want it.

With over 30 years of experience and a level of detail not found in any other competitive ad tracking service you can clean off your desk and get to work faster with the information we give you.b2b advertising

You see, we already done the hard work for you. We already verified the accuracy, we have broken down the information in detail so you can get everything you need as fast as a keystroke of your computer.

You’ll have access to detailed data that includes; advertiser, brand, product, ad size, where it ran, how often and images of each ad.

You can quickly get this information by individual advertisers, by product category or your entire market.

You can receive your information Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annual, or Annually. You can even request specialized research projects just for you.

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