Will digital advertising make magazine publishing obsolete?

Print Is Not Dead!  Just Ask Harry!

Will digital advertising make magazine publishing obsolete?

Well, in one magazine market there were 330 Advertisers who bought 880 ad pages in 2011… that HAD NOT ADVERTISED AT ALL IN THIS MARKET DURING 2010.  Could that be a sign?

You might ask about all the advertisers who did not come back in 2011, who did drop their print advertising in this market.  OK, we found 219 advertisers who did not appear here in 2011, after advertising in 2010. They took with them 518.84 ad pages from these magazines.

So, there are winners and losers but overall this could be a case for growth in magazine advertising, in this market anyways.

The reason we took a look here is that Stagnito Media jumped up in the news recently because of being acquired by Topspin LBO.  And, Harry Stagnito argues well the strengths of magazines, “…at least for the foreseeable future you can’t count magazines out.”   That was a quote from MIN’s Article titled, Is Print Dead?

Clearly not dead yet, by any means. As you can see what Stagnito Media has done with one of it’s magazines, Progressive Grocer, who could argue?

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Progressive Grocer has grown immensely in just that last 12 Months. True, it probably was not marketed aggressively before Stagnito acquired the company. Yet, this ad page growth is very aggressive, particularly in this economy.

Want to take a look at who were the most aggressive advertisers in this market?

Pepsico Inc. added 53 ad pages to this market after showing zero here in 2010.

SUPERVALUE Inc had the overall biggest increase adding 67.50 pages in 2011.

The overall Top Advertiser in this market was General Mills with 105.50 ad pages in the market.

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