Preview of Year End Foodservice

Preview of Year End Foodservice Media Print Advertising by Major Product Groups

Management Aids and Services has dominated the ad pages in Foodservice, Hotel and Convenience Store Magazine advertising through October 2017.  

Print Ads By Category in Foodservice Industry

This category had 1,556.66 ad pages, and using the six time dollar rate that’s about $14 Million in ad spend in this period from 485 companies. 

This data is from 53 Magazines in these industries tracked by PAR.

Next up is Cooking Equipment with 1,048 pages, Meat/Mexican/Prepared foods with 1,019 pages, and then Food Items General with 872 Pages.

PAR Inc Tracks Advertising and Number of Companies in Foodservice Print Ads

In Cooking Equipment, we have 165 companies.  Fixtures and Furniture, 210.  In technology there are 116.

Patterson Estimates ad spend by foodservice advertisers in 2018

Take a look and please contact us if you’d like to see any additional information.  Year end reports are ready in late January. 

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